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Jugiong, a hardy town in the middle of the tough outback bushlands. The diet of its early settlers, according to Harden Shire Council, consisted of “corned meat, split peas, bread and dripping of treacle. A tin of sardines was a luxury.”

It’s nice then, to see that we’re doing our part in keeping the town supplied with one of their earliest staple foods – the humble loaf.

As a bread-head on the road, the lovely Joy Santos sent in a message that brought the town of Jugiong and a great customer of ours, Long Track Pantry to light:

Dear Staff at Brasserie Bread,

Of our recent trip to Albury, we stopped at a little country town called Jugiong for a beautiful meal at Long Track Pantry.

Much to our surprise, they had “Brasserie Bread” on sale on the premise and it was freshly bought in that morning. My partner and our three kids are a big fan of your products, we bought a few loaves to take with us and to share with our family & friends in Albury, it was no surprised to us that they thoroughly enjoyed the sourdough breads.

So, I just wanted to share this story with you and the picture taken by my 7yo old daughter Emily. Your products are just amazing, it speaks for itself.

Kind Regards,
Joy Santos

Thanks Joy! Such a nice message to receive 🙂

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