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The Massive Munch keeps it simple and true. The sandwiches are effortless, down-to-earth and unpretentious. For about a year now The Massive Munch has been tending to mostly corporate regulars. Hidden from plain sight if you’re walking on Elizabeth Street or Castlereagh Street, you’ll have to go down to the lower ground in order to find this cafe.

“I’m a sandwich guy – it’s what I like to eat,” says the owner Brian. And boy, do they like their sandwiches. So much so that they’re perfectionists – the sandwiches need to look and taste absolutely faultless.

The Massive Munch team likes to keep the sandwich options new and fresh. Usually there are six premade sandwiches every day as well as the sandwich menu. And there are also some great breakfast options on our Plaza roll with poached free range eggs.

When I visit this munchworthy cafe on a Wednesday around lunch time, there are some lovely-looking sandwiches on display.

Shaved Ham, Swiss cheese, baby spinach and tomato relish on our Granary Toast Loaf

Chicken Schnitzel Melt: herb crumbed chicken breast, tasty cheese, tomato, mayo & basil pesto on Schiacciata (Brian’s favourite Brasserie Bread product!)

Roast Beef, vintage cheddar, basil mayo, tomato and mixed lettuce on our 6 Seed Roll

One of the bestsellers: Schnitzel & chilli mayo, avocado, cheese, tomato on our Sourdough

But if you have a minute to spare, go for a sandwich with a hot filling. The hot fillings are what make all the difference here. From spicy marinated pork to lemon pepper chicken, you can pick your favourite! Brian informs me that the marinated pork and slow roast lamb are their specialties.

A Massive Munch specialty - and for good reason!

I try the slow roast lamb, roast vegetables and wilted spinach on our Sourdough (toasted of course – I firmly believe that everything tastes better toasted!).  Brian says it’s gonna rock my world. And it does.

But if you don’t feel like a sandwich, try one of their burgers. The Massive Munch uses our Burger Buns and sometimes if you’re in luck they also use our Brioche Burger Buns. Try the beef & haloumi or the pesto chicken burger for something a little bit different. There’s even a homemade nut burger for the vegetarians out there.

The label says it all: an amazing chocolate brownie! 😉

Fellow dessert-lovers, rejoice! They’ve also got our teacakes, chocolate brownies and almond croissants.

Whether it’s for a spot of lunch or a quick takeaway sandwich, The Massive Munch has got you covered. Make a pit stop on your next lunch break or get a few colleagues together to order The Massive Munch office catering. Make an order today by calling 9283 4014.

Preparing a sandwich platter for office catering

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The Massive Munch
18-19/201 Elizabeth St, Sydney 2000
Tel: 02 9283 4014

Opening Hours
Monday – Friday 5.30am to 4pm

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