Churning Buttermilk Iced Cream with Dessertmakers

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Dessertmakers Buttermilk Iced Cream

I recently learned how Merna Taouk from Dessertmakers churns buttermilk iced cream at the Tempe factory. The iced cream is made of simply three ingredients: Pepe Saya buttermilk, Pepe Saya creme fraiche and sugar. This mixture is then churned to creamy, frozen perfection. I try the freshly churned buttermilk iced cream and find that the flavour and texture is reminiscent of a frozen yoghurt.

Tangy, soft and refreshing, Merna’s buttermilk iced cream is the perfect antidote to a hot summer. During my visit Merna also experiments with mixing raspberry coulis into the buttermilk iced cream. The result is something slightly sweeter with a discernible and delicious berry hit. Hopefully this raspberry buttermilk iced cream flavour will hit the shelves soon!

Once we’ve finished churning, Merna and I make a trio of mini buttermilk iced cream sandwiches using Brasserie Bread slider brioche buns. You can also get creative by adding berry coulis, jam or poached fruit to impress your guests at your next dinner party! For buttermilk iced cream stockists check the Dessertmakers website.

Pepe Saya Buttermilk

The hero of Merna’s buttermilk iced cream is of course Pepe Saya‘s traditional buttermilk, made in the same factory.

“Traditional buttermilk is the whey that’s left over from the butter making process,” Pepe tells me. Traditional buttermilk is completely different from commercial buttermilk available at a supermarket. Real buttermilk is brimming with naturally occurring lactic acid bacteria.

Check out what Pierre Issa (Pepe Saya), Alex Herbert (Bird, Cow, Fish) and Michael McEnearney (Kitchen by Mike) have to say about how buttermilk is made, the benefits of buttermilk and how traditional buttermilk differs from buttermilk made from skim milk in the video below.

merna dessertmakers

Merna pours the buttermilk, creme fraiche and sugar mixture

Testing the texture of the churned iced cream

Testing the texture of the churned iced cream

churning iced cream

And it comes out creamy and frozen like this!

freshly churned buttermilk iced cream

Soft peaks and oh so delicious

buttermilk iced cream

This is the freshly churned buttermilk iced cream Merna gives me to taste

iced cream into tubs

Merna divides the freshly churned iced cream into tubs

raspberry buttermilk iced cream

Experimenting with raspberry coulis

raspberry buttermilk iced cream merna

The raspberry buttermilk iced cream has a lovely pink colour!

raspberry buttermilk into tub

The raspberry adds a sweetness and balances out the tang of the buttermilk

scoop iced cream

Scooping buttermilk iced cream for mini sandwiches

mini brioche ice cream sandwiches

Buttermilk iced cream wedged between Brasserie Bread mini brioche buns

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