Baking Classes at Ritchies Mt Eliza

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At Brasserie Bread we’re passionate about the quest to bake true artisan products. Earlier this month we ran four hands-on baking classes at Ritchies Mt Eliza. Customers were able to book into the classes for free to learn all about traditional techniques of handmaking artisan bread.

Our own bakers Andrew and Rhys shared their expert skills and knowledge throughout the workshops. That’s what Breaducation is all about: sharing the joy of baking.

In each class participants were able to make their own mini garlic bread and dough plaits. Our delicious garlic bread is made with an Italian dough, laced with a caramelised garlic mixture made of whole garlic cloves, sugar, balsamic vinegar and black pepper.

After shaping their own dough on the bench, the bread was baked in an oven. While it was baking away, everybody was treated to a bread and butter tasting, trying our sourdough, quinoa & soya loaf and single origin sourdough.

Then we pulled out the freshly baked garlic bread and plaits out of the oven. Taking their own baked bread home was the highlight for most. All left in high spirits with a new understanding about artisan baking and freshly baked bread in tow.

ritchies garlic

Caramelised garlic onto the dough

ritchies 1

Fun times at Ritchies Mt Eliza

ritchies hands

Learning how to shape dough

ritchies 7

Our baker Andrew in full concentration

ritchies 4

Placing garlic bread and plaits on trays

ritchies 3

Tasting our range of beautiful breads

ritchies butter

Bread and butter

ritchies 6

Sourdough, Quinoa & Soya Loaf, New York Rye, and Garlic Bread

ritchies 5

Ritchies Mt Eliza


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