What Is Breaducation

We teach kids how to bake bread. It’s priceless. They can’t keep their hands off the dough. They can’t keep still. They laugh a lot. And talk out loud. But to see their face when the bread comes out of the oven and, when it’s cool, wrap their hands around it. Well, it’s joyful.

Sharing the Joy of Baking

There’s always one, the kid in the class who declares this to have been the best day ever. That’s what Breaducation is all about: sharing the joy of baking.

It started when we saw how excited kids got when they looked into the action of the bakery through the window we had in the café, back in 2007. The bakers got in on the act too, tossing flour at the window and making faces. Before long, we were inviting kids to share in the fun. They’d smash out dough and stud it with chocolate chips for chocolate pizza or paint tomato and basil sauce on the dough and roll it into a scroll.

We’re more organised these days. There are two classes every Saturday and a school holiday program. Plus we have a full-time teacher, Matthew Brock, who has developed much more challenging class content, which the kids have thrived on.

Free Kids Baking Classes

Our Saturday kids baking classes have always been free. It worries some people, as they think there’s a catch. But there isn’t. We want kids to have the experience that, in that moment, is the best one they’ve ever had. And selfishly, we do it because after every class we walk away feeling on top of the world.

Baking Classes For All

Breaducation is for everyone. Nowadays we run adult classes and also offer corporate training packages. (But, you have to pay for those.)

Find a baking class at our Sydney or Melbourne bakery.

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