Five Myths About the Hot Cross Bun

Sliced hot cross buns with butter served with coffee

The humble hot cross bun carries with it much mystery. Not only a delicious Easter treat, over centuries many stories and myths have developed about its origins and powers.

We already knew our hot cross buns were special, as they are handcrafted with single origin Katana wheat from the Southern Flinders Ranges and jam packed with the best quality ground Herbie’s spices, ginger, raisins, sour cherries, and orange peel from France. That said, we didn’t realise there was something almost mystical about the hot cross bun. We’re not sure about some of these, but they sure do make for good reading!

They Have Stood the Test of Time

This we know to be true… the first known hot cross bun has been traced way back to 1361, when a monk named Father Thomas Rocliffe tried his hand at baking a small spiced cake with the mark of the cross on the top. These were distributed to the poor on Good Friday.

They Can Help You Hang On to Your Friends!

Do you have any friendships that need some nurturing? It’s said that if you share a hot cross bun with someone, it will cement your friendship for the rest of the year. We would agree, especially if it’s one of our artisan buns!

 They Inspired a Confusing Nursery Rhyme

As the rhyme goes, hot cross buns were sold for “one a penny, two a penny” – which begs the question, why would you buy one when you could get two for the same price?

Bad Vibes Be Gone

It is said that the cross on the top of the bun wards off evil spirits… must be why bakeries are such happy places to be.

The Queen Has Spoken

Queen Elizabeth I decided hot cross buns were so special, people could only have them on Good Friday, Christmas or at burials. I guess we are allowed to overlook this one now, thank goodness!

Our artisan hot cross buns are available at your favourite cafes and at our homes in Sydney and Melbourne (by appointment only) from early March. Celebrate with us by sharing your hot cross bun photos using the #brasseriexbuns hashtag!

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