It’s all about the buns this National Burger Day!

On Thursday 25th May, Brasserie Bread will be launching their artisan Potato Bun, just in time to celebrate National Burger Day National Burger Day (Sunday, 28th May)!

The product’s lower sugar content, denser crumb structure and pillow-like texture make it the perfect complement to those heartier winter, sauce-heavy burgers such as brisket, pulled beef and pork.

The “less-sugar, more-savoury” flavour profile follows current market trends making potato buns a perfect alternative for food service businesses looking to cater for an increasing number of consumers searching for savoury options, a trend already noticeable in bigger markets such as the US.

Brasserie Bread’s artisan values are maintained in the production of our Potato Buns by using single origin wheat flour from the Flinders Ranges along with the Japanese Tang Zhong technique.

Brasserie Bread will be giving away over 1,500 burger buns to partnering establishments across Australia to help celebrate the day and the launch of this new product.

Our Cafe at the Bakery in Banksmeadow will be also running two-week specials and these are their top picks:

Lamb Burger

Lamb Kofta burger with quinoa tabouli, hummus and tomato chutney accompanied by West-mont pickles

Pulled Pork Burger

Slow cooked pork shoulder with chipotle mayo and slaw accompanied by pickled vegetables

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