Oktoberfest – Brewers Loaf

This month marks the beginning of Oktoberfest, the world’s largest folk festival.

To help us celebrate, we have partnered with craft breweries Young Henrys (NSW), Newstead Brewery (QLD) and Two Birds Brewing (VIC) to create an exclusive sourdough loaf that captures the essence of the festival’s hero – Beer!

Although not available for general sale, the concept behind this exciting product is to bring our foodservice partners together and share brewers and bakers’ mutual passion for artisan craftsmanship. A mutual passion that dates back for centuries, making beer and bread the perfect partners to this occasion.

For the baking of this loaf, the craft breweries have contributed with their spent grain, or as some might suggest “leftover” malt. Their spent grain together with our 22-year old starter and single origin flour are the key ingredients to handcraft this decadent dark cob.

Our brewer’s loaf will be shared in great Bavarian style along fine food and delicious beer at selected foodservice events with industry partners:

  • Newstead Brewery (QLD) – 7th October
  • Beer Deluxe (VIC) – 10th October
  • 3 Weeds Rozelle (NSW) – 17th October

Lester & Earl (QLD) – 27th September (See photos below)


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