There are many traditions associated with the end-of-year silly season – stringing up lights, singing carols, prawns on Christmas day. For us at Brasserie Bread, it is the little-known custom associated with fruit mince pies.

In June, Brasserie Bread’s pastry chefs started working on our decadent fruit mince pies. Dried candied fruits, sultanas, currants, almonds and spices are all soaked in brandy developing the flavours of Christmas!

It is believed that this Christmas staple item had humble beginnings during the medieval era when it was simply a liver, egg and ginger pastry known as a ‘chewette’.  The ‘Christmas Pie’, as it was known, was often moulded into the shape of a crib to symbolise the birth of Christ. Outlawed by Puritans in the 17th century, the pie was forced underground, and disguised by a group of die-hard fans as a normal pie by altering its shape to a more traditional round form. The savoury filling was replaced with dried fruits and spices giving birth to the fruit mince pie we all know and love today.

Brasserie Bread decided to craft these seasonal pies 17 years ago knowing we had to honour such a meaningful tradition.  After many years our delicious fruit mince pies have earned themselves a reputation.  Now every year, more and more units of our renowned fruit mince pies are made to meet popular demand.

Following our strong commitment to the craft of artisan baking, our fruit mince pies are handmade. Their delicious filling is macerated in Napoleon brandy and Grand Marnier for six months before it is baked into a thin, buttery pastry. The filling contains the perfect balance of fresh green apples, raisins, sultanas, dried figs, currants, cherries, citrus peel, sliced almonds, cinnamon, nutmeg, mixed spice and cardamom.

From the crack of the pastry to the very first taste of the spicy fruits, we truly believe that every mouthful of our seasonal fruit mince pies is an indulgent experience.

Whether served with a cup of tea, Crème Anglaise or simply on their own, we believe these charming seasonal gems are simply the very essence of Christmas!

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