Good Fat Pop up Café – An Avocado Dining Experience

There are just a few more days left for Sydney-siders to get their avocado fix before Australia’s first dedicated avocado café closes its doors.

The Good Fat avocado pop-up café will be in Surry Hills until 30 November serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.

We are proud to partner with Australian Avocados in this project and provide chef Tommy Prosser with fresh daily artisan products that complement the beautiful flavours of this tropical fruit.

Since opening its doors at the start of the month, the café has been a popular spot along the Crown St dining strip. It’s gone through more than 120kg of avocados each week to keep up with demand, with the café so popular it even sold out of food on its first weekend.

Amongst the most popular dishes are:

The Avoschetta – a pistachio encrusted avocado take on bruschetta, served on Harvest Grain Sourdough;

The Good Fat burger with creamy smashed avocado salsa and harissa marinated chicken, served on Black & White Sesame Seeded Milk Bun;

and surprisingly The Avoconetto – an avocado flavoured ice-cream dessert.

Australians eat on average 3.1kg of avocado each year and have at least three different ways of using it in meals.

Good Fat has been funded by Australia’s avocado growers. In the past three years, the number of avocados grown in Australia has increased by almost 8,000 tonnes over three years largely as a result of major production growth in Western Australia and Northern Queensland.

Those who can’t make it down can still enjoy the meals at home. The recipes for every meal on the Good Fat menu are available on the Good Fat website –