Brasserie Bread July Customer Spotlight – Pure South Dining

Pure South Dining is a modern, special occasion restaurant in central Melbourne with iconic views over the river and a stunning CBD backdrop. The cuisine draws inspiration from farmers, fishermen and artisan producers of King Island, Flinders Island & Tasmania. For over 13 years, the restaurant has built solid relationships with farmers and fishermen to ensure the quality of the produce that is served to their guests. Upstairs is the awarded dining room ‘Pure South Dining’. At river level is their all-day eatery & bar, P.S. Bar + Kitchen, where guests can dine to suit their mood.

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Avocado, Beetroot and Tongola Goats Curd served with New York style Rye Bread


  • 1x Thick Slice of New York Rye
  • 50g Tongola Goat’s Curd
  • 1 Large Golden Beetroot
  • 275g Rock Salt
  • 325g Plain Flour
  • 220ml Water
  • 4ml Vegetable Oil
  • 100g Pepita Seeds
  • 35ml Olive Oil
  • 2g Sea Salt
  • 400ml Beetroot Juice
  • 40ml Red Wine
  • 200g Sugar
  • 50g Ginger – sliced
  • ¾ Avocado
  • 1g Agar to 100ml of liquid


Salted Baked Golden Beetroots – Combine rock salt, flour, water and vegetable oil together to form a dough and rest for 2 hours. Preheat oven to 250C. Once dough is rested wrap it around the golden beetroot, forming a 5-7 mm thick crust. Once wrapped, place beetroots on an oven tray and cook at 250 degrees for 30 mins. Remove from the oven and leave until cold. Break crust open and slice thinly on a mandolin.

Toasted Pepita Seeds – Heat olive oil in a heavy base pan until it starts to smoke lightly then add the pepita seeds and toast until golden brown. Strain off the excess oil, dry seeds on paper towel and season with sea salt.

Red Wine Ginger Gel – Boil the red wine for roughly 3 minutes to burn off the alcohol. Add sliced ginger and allow to infuse overnight. Strain liquid and remove the ginger. Add the sugar and beetroot juice to red wine.  Add agar to the mixture and bring to the boil and cook out (1-2 minutes). Pour mixture into a flat tray and allow gel to set in the fridge for roughly 5 hours. Once set blend until smooth.

Assembly –  Chargrill New York rye sourdough with olive oil and sea salt. Place 5 slices of salt baked golden beetroots onto the plate. Add dots of both Tongola goat’s curd and beetroot and ginger gel. Add ¾ of an avocado. Dust with freeze-dried beetroot powder and micro coriander.


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