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Spotlight – John Campbell, Founder – Provenance Flour & Malt

John Campbell, the founder of Provenance Flour and Malt, is our single origin flour wholesaler (or as often known by us as “the glue”) and a fundamental partner in the ongoing development of our Single Origin grain supply.

By drawing on his life experiences and the camaraderie made through farming, John facilitates the direct relationship between farmers, their community, bakers, brewers and their customers.

Provenance Flour and Malt has taken the standard supply chain and tipped it upside-down. They “de-commoditise” grains back into a product that reflects the unique characteristics of an individual farm. A concept called “the supply circle” – one of the world’s first when it comes to the supply of cereal grains.

For John, it is extremely important to restore the relationships from our earth to our food, recognise farmers who practice regenerative agriculture and the communities in which they live. He wants consumers to know that with every bite of Brassiere Bread, they are supporting local Australian communities and sustainable environmental outcomes.

He says, “Grain has for a long time been an average commodity. Through our single origin varietal program, we’re able to identify unique minerals and nutrients from each different farm so the baker, the brewer and their customers can enjoy the benefits that come from that”.

The earth on each farm has unique minerals and nutrients that when farmed holistically creates a crop that has special characteristics. Provenance and Brasserie Bread have a mutual goal. We want consumers to taste this. We want consumers to be involved in this. Most importantly, we want them to be part of the care for growing their product.

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