Where It All Began

Long before sourdough was the bread du jour on tables around Australia, Head Baker and co-Founder of Brasserie Bread, Michael Klausen was keen to serve an authentic, delicious sourdough at iconic Sydney eatery, Bayswater Brasserie. With little on offer, he set out to create his own.

1982 - 2000

Michael along with Founder and Non-Executive Director, Tony Papas of Allpress Coffee, set out to master the craft of baking sourdough and pioneer the artisan bread movement in Australia.

2000 - 2010

Now delivering to 20 restaurants, seven days a week, Brasserie Bread was pioneering the artisan bread movement in Australia.

2010 - Present

As Brasserie Bread’s unique, high-quality product gained in popularity, it was time to expand into Victoria and Queensland.