Why Sourdough Is a Must Have In Your Kid’s Lunchbox

Picture of sandwich with three tomatoes next to it

Some parents treat school lunchbox preparation like an Olympic sport, however we have the secret to a truly delicious, healthy lunchbox – artisan sourdough bread. Let us explain why.

It seeks out hunger and destroys it

Kids are notoriously hungry little creatures, and why wouldn’t they be? They expend copious amounts of energy learning, playing and developing everyday, so it’s our job to keep them well fed. Sourdough bread is low GI, meaning that energy is released slowly in the blood stream. Providing them with a sandwich made with high-quality sourdough bread will keep them full, satisfied and nourished throughout the school day with none of the afternoon sugar cravings associated with store-bought, commercial white bread.

It’s never boring

Sure, some kids might think a sandwich is a somewhat boring lunchtime option – but not if you use artisan bread. With a wide variety of loaves, from our Flinders Ranges Sprouted Wheat to Quinoa and Soya, there is a world of flavour and texture to explore. Why not switch it up with artisan rolls too?

You know exactly what’s in it

Our artisan bread products are baked fresh every day with skill and care, using single origin wheat that can be traced back to the source. Our 21-year old natural yeast starter has been lovingly nurtured, providing our sourdough with its award-winning flavour, refined crumb structure and reassuring crust. No preservatives or E-numbers here, just delicious, honest food.

It’s great for their bellies

The process of creating sourdough includes a long, slow fermentation process. Fermented foods including sauerkraut, yoghurt and – yes, you guessed it – sourdough bread are gentle on our gut. Fermentation allows the body to easily absorb a range of healthy nutrients, from iron to magnesium. It also breaks down gluten, so those who report sensitivity to commercial breads will find that eating sourdough is a much more pleasurable experience.

Kids love making it… and eating it

We run Breaducation classes for children, teaching them about the art of baking and the importance of understanding where their food comes from. Without fail, the face of each and every child lights up as the bread they baked emerges from the oven – what a wonderful way to teach kids about real, flavoursome, and nutritious food. And boy do they love to eat it too!

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