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So, here we are on a gloomy Thursday. Can I just say I *love* this weather, makes it perfect for sitting in the office and watching the pensioners out on the golf course tough it out for their weekly golf game. Thinking about what to do this weekend, David and I will be heading back to Single Origin for Coffee Mornings tomorrow, and after hearing from Tony about the Tweet Meet at Allpress (our sister company!) on Saturday organised by Derek Jenkins, I’m game to join! Have to start the day early anyway seeing as I’m in to help Master Yudha out with a birthday party for 20 excitable kids. Been planning this one for a while, and i’m about due for some flour fights anyway.

So what’s been happening here at Brasserie HQ you may be asking? There hasn’t been one boring day yet since I started! There was some commotion in the Bakery with Michael K. this week, let’s just say he’s building his portfolio of ‘looks’ and you’ll be able to check the latest one out sometime in August! (I know it’s not much of a hint, but hey, remember the ‘not trying to step on anyone’s toes’ promise) David headed into a luncheon as a guest speaker organised by conference maestro Beth Etling from The Insight Exchange, on the power of Influence, and he returned uber animated from his session having spoken about our passionate parents and kids driving our Birthday Parties, Free Baking Classes and excursions. Am chatting to L from Not Quite Nigella, we might be doing a little special something for her fantastic site (one of which I can’t get enough of, logging in to salivate over the well-written reviews of places I’ve been dying to try out but just haven’t had the time to get to)

Canberra is on fire! Jeremy signed up a client who happened to see our van driving through the streets, and who actually stopped the driver by standing in the middle of the streets waving at him frantically to find out more about our deliveries. Love the Canberra passion!

Closer to home, we’re starting our new Winter Menu in the Cafe this Friday, stop by over the weekend to check it out if you can! We’re also re-writing our Retail Booklets (those handy little hand-outs you see in the Cafe on the tables), and I can’t wait to see them fresh off the presses next week. I have to be honest, it’s tough reading and re-reading those booklets again and again for editing – I’ve got the new Winter Menu burned into my brain now that’s for sure. Also writing up some new brochures for the markets for Jesse and Steve, be sure to say hi to them if you’re in a markets mood this weekend!

We also had our Artisan Baking Workshop last night, got a bit of an earful from Don our resident Irishman trainer for enrolling 11 people instead of 10 in.. I need to stop this rule-bending business I tend to conduct on a regular basis. Here are some pictures from last night taken by Matt the Baker who was helping Don out. I honestly don’t know how these classes always (and i mean, ALWAYS) polish off whatever wine was provided.. hmm I must check it out myself one day. Pictures below, only 2 this time, but a dazzling plethora the next time I promise!

Colourful characters!

Colourful characters!

our beautiful selection with suspiciously empty wine bottle on the left

our beautiful selection with suspiciously empty wine bottle on the left

You know what, I don’t want to stop writing this entry but I better get on with the day. There’s so much more I’d love to yak on about, interesting things I’ve found online, more new developments we’re jumping up and down about here in the office, but I’ll save it for next time. In the meantime, check out my tweets to find out more about realtime happenings here at BB HQ.

Eat well this weekend !

M @ Brasserie Bread

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