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We get many questions from customers about why their sourdough bread has uneven holes in it. Holes that are too big obviously aren’t good, neither are ‘tunnel’ holes along the length of your sourdough loaf.

But uneven holes occurring through your sourdough is good, not bad!

Here’s a little something our Training Manager had to say on the issue of uneven holes in sourdough.

Why does my sourdough have so many uneven holes in it?

Uneven holes in sourdough not only confirm great characteristics but they are also a clear indicator that the sourdough has been made following traditional Artisan techniques.

  • Our Sourdoughs are allowed to go through a range of different fermentation stages that encourages the natural yeasts’ to create carbon dioxide gas. It is important for us to promote this part of the proving because it is these air pockets that are essential for a lighter crumb structure.
  • Second, we promote ‘oven spring’ by baking directly on the heath followed by an initial injection of steam into the oven during the baking step. This gives remarkable ‘lift’ to the sourdough that aides in producing a loaf with a light, soft and ‘holey’ crumb with a caramelized, blistered crust that is unique to our award-winning sourdough.
  • As artisan bakers, we’re committed to making bread that provides you with a lasting experience; this is achieved by creating a range of breads that all offer individual characteristics ranging from mild and somewhat sweet to tangy and sour with lots of texture. After all, whichever kind you are eating it is all about these wonderful flavours, stimulating aromas and contrasting textures that give you that experience with lasting memories.
  • Our sourdough will always display these uneven holes as we honour these traditions and techniques with every loaf.

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